August 31st With Ernest Dawkins

I just wanted to thank everyone who came out on the 31st to see my trio play with chicago jazz legend Earnest Dawkins. We had an absolute blast. Hopefully I can track down some audio/photos to post.

A Trip To Rouge Valley Studios

I recently had the pleasure to record at a great little studio through Max Fruchtman and Correct Technique audio. They agreed to record us at no cost to create some demo material for both parties. What a deal! Here’s the writeup and some links to the website, and recordings!

Patrick Hewan is a 21 year old piano prodigy with boundless energy and a classical background who was bitten unmercifully by the jazzer bug and hasn’t looked back since.   As a little bit of background, the trio was brought in by the drummer, Joe Iannuzzi, whom I can very assuredly say is the best drummer I know – being privy to his practice sessions bleeding through the wall during my internship at The Audio District Studios was a revelation. Here is a drum beast who has been playing longer than I’ve been alive, has astounding four way independence, and can play impresively and musically in any style he approaches, and yet still practices single strokes to a metronome at 40 bpm just to keep his timing razor sharp.  I knew that Joe’s trio had no choice but to be fantastic.

Featured here are four selections from their stop in at Rouge, including fresh versions of Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea pieces, a sufficient warping of a Cole Porter standard, and an intense and dramatic original from the young pianist.  What we have here is modern acoustic jazz that does the soul good and swings hard enough to injure the neck.