Here’s where I’m keeping a list of all the transcriptions I’ve done. I usually just memorize them because I can’t be bothered to write them out but it seems I’ve ended up writing out a few.  If you’d like me to send you one or to trade just shoot me an email! Some of these are a little bit old so no guarantees that there 100% perfect. I know I’m missing a few so I’ll try and find/add them.

Lullaby Of Birdland – Chicago Revisted – Ahmad Jamal’s piano solo

On the Sunny Side of the Street – Sunny Side Up – Sonny Rollins solo

Domingo – The great jazz piano – Phineas Newborn Jr – Piano Solo

Cheryl – A world of Piano – Phineas Newborn Jr – Piano Solo

Steps – Now He Sings Now He Sobs – Chick Corea – Piano Solo (Fragments)

What was – Now He Sings Now He Sobs – Chick Corea – Piano Solo (First few choruses)

Inception – Inception  – McCoy Tyner – Piano Solo

Blues to Elvin – Coltrane Plays the Blues – Piano solo and some voicings

My Song – My Song – Keith Jarrett (Head)

Questar – My Song – Keith Jarrett (Head)

Beautiful Love – Bill Evans At Town Hall – Bill Evans (Piano Solo first couple choruses)

Bean and The Boys – Magnificent – Barry Harris (Head and some piano solo)

Freddie Freeloader – Kind of Blue – Miles Davis (piano solo)

This I dig of you – Soul Station – Hank Mobley (Piano Solo

Sicillian Blue – Live in the Garden – Hiromi Uehara (Head and some piano solo)

Old Castle – Spiral – Hiromi Uehara (Head)

3 Wrong Notes – Live in the Garden – Hiromi Uehara (Head)

In Progress:

Matrix – Chick Corea

Soul station – Practically the entire album

Lots of Keith Jarrett standards stuff – very fragmented currently